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3 Ways We Ensure Your Catered Food Arrives Delicious Anywhere In Green Bay

During a tasting, one of the questions our staff gets most often is about the broasted chicken. It’s not where the chicken came from or the number of calories per serving. It’s about how we can ensure it will stay crispy for their guests. We understand completely. Here at Renard’s, we’ve made an art of keeping food fresh and delicious from the moment it’s prepared in our Green Bay kitchen to the moment it’s available to our client’s hungry guests. Read on for some of catered food secrets.

An hour max travel time

One of the ways Renard’s ensures food is hot and delicious is limiting our travel distance. For the most part, we only cater food at venues within an hour of Green Bay (although some exceptions do exist, so call if you have questions).

The reason we only travel an hour is to ensure your menu choices stay hot if they should be hot, and cold, if they should be cold. Hot food is always the last food item packed into our catering vans in hot boxes. Once we get to the venue, it’s the first thing removed and placed in warming ovens.

Renards Hot Broasted Chicken Stays CrispServed just before dinner

Once the hot food is in the warming ovens, we work on set up and food presentation. Our staff makes catered food look amazing and really add to whatever Green Bay event your are hosting, be it a wedding, corporate function, shower or celebration of life.

Our staff doesn’t set out the hot food until 15 minutes before dinner actually starts. That way we are ensuring the food is closed and hot for as long as possible.

Working with venues

Renard’s has a great relationship with many event venues around Green Bay, which helps us ensure food arrives delicious to guests. For example, Black Sheep and Ledgecrest both will call us the week of an event to check-in. They want to have what we need, exactly as we want it. This means enough cooler space set aside for our food, as well as tables set up according to our preferences.

Even upcoming Green Bay venues, such as the Barn at Sunset, are working with us. The architects have reached out and met with Renard’s several times to get professional catering recommendations. They want to ensure Renard’s has exactly the food set up equipment needed to provide delicious catered food to this soon to be Green Bay event facility.

We take great care in delivering amazing catered food to our customers, no matter what they are celebrating in the Green Bay area. That’s why we established practices for food traveling and how it is served at events. It helped make our catering business stand out in Green Bay, and let us assure our customers that the broasted chicken will indeed have a delicious crunch. If you need a Green Bay caterer with experience in food, contact Renard’s at 920-432-6116

Corporate event catering in Green Bay

How to Restore Corporate Morale in Green Bay

Corporate event catering in Green BayAs Green Bay employees return to work, many companies are struggling to restore a culture of collaboration and communication that was weakened by the stress and remote working over the past year. One of the best ways to reconnect employees with each other and the company mission is to host an employee appreciation event. Whether it’s a fresh food lunch on the company one Friday or a company-wide BBQ, Renard’s Catering can help get employees sharing, collaborating, and attaining full productivity again for your Green Bay business.

Start with team-building

Food brings people together. We see this every time we cater a wedding, graduation party, corporate mixer, anniversary party, or other special event. You can use food to bring a sense of camaraderie back to your Green Bay office. Encourage your team to mingle and talk over a prepared lunch of gourmet wraps and sandwiches. Get an inspiring presenter for the lunch to make it an extra special event or have a well-spoken member of the executive staff give a rousing speech about where the company is headed and how everyone has a part to play. This will unify your Green Bay staff and give them a shared purpose. Plus, they won’t be distracted by hunger pains when they go back to work.

Cheer Green Bay Employees With a Pig RoastTake it outside

As the weather in Green Bay turns towards Summer, your employees are no doubt eating outside as often as possible. It gives us fresh air and the sunshine feels great, especially when eating something delicious. Take this to the next level and cater a corporate event outside, even before the annual company picnic. Renard’s offers a full grilling menu, from whole roasted pigs to burgers and brats. When looking at the menu, keep in mind various diet restrictions as well, such as the vegetarians or white-meat only eaters among your Green Bay staff. For those, we offer a variety of salad options, roasted corn, jerk chicken, salmon dogs, and a lot more. We believe in offering a mix of traditional and trendy grillable items and sides in order to satisfy even the most discerning catering customer.

Enhance the break room

While a professionally catered corporate event can kick-start collaboration for your Green Bay business, what about the day-to-day? That is where our sister company BE’S Refreshments, might be able to help. From vending machines filled with brand name products to micro-markets that act like a mini store in the break room, they can keep the networking going through onsite nourishment.
Not all businesses thrived with remote employees, although we all did our best to make it work. For the Green Bay businesses bringing staff back and looking to get productivity back on track, give Renard’s a call. We love bringing people together with food, which will do wonders for your bottom line. Contact Renard’s today at 920.432.6116 or email us at