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Tips for Green Bay Couples with a Holiday Wedding

Holidays are joyous occasions. Family and friends gather. Food is passed around. When paired with a Green Bay wedding, it can be even more fun. Based on Green Bay holiday weddings we’ve catered, here are some tips and tricks to successfully bring holiday cheer into your wedding theme.

Add themed table decorations

Buffet and appetizer tables are a perfect place to showcase the holiday theme at your Green Bay wedding. Start by choosing an appropriate linens color. We offer a variety of different color linens to suit the holiday and overall wedding theme. Think black for a Halloween themed wedding or Red/Green for Christmas. We will cover the table and food stands with the color(s) to ensure a professional, uniform look.

Along with the right linens, it is important to add other elements that represent the holiday. Home decor signs from Green Bay area stores are perfect. A cute saying or festive statue can set just the mood and transform an ordinary serving table. Don’t be afraid to talk to your Renard’s event coordinator about your decor thoughts. They are ready and able to “cater” to your decorating whims.

Choose seasonal food

A Green Bay holiday wedding can be a great time to deviate from the traditional wedding catering menu. Choose foods that would usually be served on the holiday you are incorporating, such as serving turkey at a Thanksgiving-themed wedding. If you don’t want to change the main courses, bring the holiday flavors in with appetizers and desserts, like peppermint for Christmas.

Renard's catering platter - appetizerGive a feast for the eyes

As Green Bay catering experts, we know that catering success does not just rely on how food tastes, but also how it looks. Push your holiday theme to the next level by ordering platters that look like traditional holiday icons, such as mixed fruit arranged to look like a turkey, ideal for Thanksgiving themed weddings. We offer a number of creative holiday platters or let us know how we can work with you on something unique.

Keep the theme going

To optimize the holiday theme in your wedding catering, ensure the colors, flavors, and images are represented in every course. Everything from the appetizers to the main course, to the dessert should include one or more elements of your holiday wedding theme. A valentine’s day wedding, for example, might include chocolate covered strawberries, red potatoes in a cream sauce to go with the main course, and heart-shaped cookies to compliment dessert.

Catering to your holiday wedding needs is what we do best. So if you need a Green Bay caterer ready and willing to make your wedding extra special, contact Renard’s at 920-432-6116. Our event coordinators are ready and able to assist in creating a spectacular holiday themed wedding in Green Bay.