Benefits of Working for a Green Bay Caterer

There are many reasons to consider a career in catering. Here are just a few that might be of interest to potential catering cooks and catering servers in the Green Bay area.

Variety, from food to experience

Doing the same old thing can get boring. Catering offers something different each and every day. From desserts to entrees, there’s always something new to prepare for catering cooks. We encourage our staff to experiment with recipes. Create a new soup with seasonal ingredients or add a spicy flavor to traditional seasoning. There is so much room to grow in your cooking skills. Never cooked in a kitchen before? No worries. We’ll train you how a catering kitchen works and what to expect.
Catering servers get to experience variety in the events and locations they visit. Servers get to work at the best Green Bay special occasion venues. Beautiful parks, banquet halls, pubs, and supper clubs – servers go to them all. Personal vehicles are not required. All servers meet at our Green Bay warehouse and travel together to an event.
There is also plenty of opportunity to experience different types of events. From the energy level to the occasion being celebrated, no Green Bay catering occasion is ever the same.

Alternative hours, and no pressure

Can’t or don’t want to work 8 to 5, Monday through Friday? Green Bay catering offers a career with a different schedule. Catering cook shifts are typically Wednesday through Sunday. Hours vary, but it’s always day work, being done between 2pm and 4pm. Plus, there’s no short order work. Gone is the pressure to make every entrée in a tight time schedule with a customer watching your every move. Cooks make whatever is necessary that day without the pressure of a restaurant.

While cooks work during the day, that might not be a good fit for you. Students, stay-at-home parents, and others might prefer to work weekend evenings to earn their money. Our catering server opportunity could be the perfect option. Servers Friday and Saturday evening mostly. There is no experience necessary. We’ll train you on everything you need to know.

Catered Sandwich Platter Green Bay

Inspire happiness, get recognition

As caterers, we believe food makes Green Bay weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, and other special events even better. Catering servers experience this first hand as they serve the carefully prepared food and talk to guests. They see the difference not worrying about the food can make on hosts and how the right food can liven up a party.
Many of our customers are so happy with our catering service, they leave us a review. When our management team sees one, they immediately send it around the company. They will even call out the team member(s) that made the event outstanding. That could be service, or it could be in the kitchen with a new recipe. Either way, we love recognizing the great work our employees are doing and take every opportunity to highlight it.
Hooked on catering yet? If you’re interested in a career in Green Bay catering, contact Renard’s Catering at 920-432-6116. We would love to hear from you.